This university turns out a unique formula to relieve stress, Know here
This university turns out a unique formula to relieve stress, Know here

Amsterdam: It is natural to be tense in this materialistic era, that too, especially among students, there is a lot of concern about good marks and their career, which often forces them to take suicidal steps. This is the reason why many educational institutions try different remedies to overcome tension. Radboud University in the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands, is trying such a solution to keep away the tension from the students, which is a topic of discussion these days.

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This is not a fund derived from research but a new method popularized by students. Whoever listens about this therapy, will become amazed. Due to this unusual method of university management, they make their students lay in the tomb and make them do Pranayam. With this, claims are being made to relieve exam-related stress. Students say that the university's program has become very popular. The Hyvom Healing Center is providing this service which aims to provide people with the experience of death.

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Not only this, but the waiting list of students wishing to overcome tension in this manner is also quite long. Blankets and mats have been arranged in the tomb for Pranayam and yoga. It is booked for 30 minutes to 3 hours. There is a similar trend in South Korea. Here people are lying in the grave while alive. According to reports, the only motive behind this is that people can feel death by lying in the grave and understand what is life? 75-year-old Chao Ji-hee, who attended the funeral, told that once you feel the death, then your attitude towards life changes.

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