This actress reaches London to meet her husband, says 'I have reached safely'
This actress reaches London to meet her husband, says 'I have reached safely'

At present, fear of coronavirus has spread throughout the country and due to this many countries have closed many places like their cafes, malls, cinemas. Flights have also been cancelled in many countries and shortly before Sonam Kapoor returned to India from UK, which we told you about. At the same time, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte went to meet her husband in London. Yes, Radhika has given an update that she has reached London safely amidst the threat of Coronavirus.



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Recently, Radhika wrote on Instagram, For all the many msgs I received from friends and colleagues with concern and curiosity I’m back in London safely. There was no issue at immigration. It was rather empty and had a wonderful chat with them! The Heathrow express was literally empty and barely anyone at Paddington either. That’s all for now! Thank you for all msgs xx
Ps. BA flight was full! (though two days ago when I went to India from London it was empty.)

More ps. The immigration officers had no information to share regarding UK closing borders yet.

Let us tell you that ehen Radhika Apte is not busy in shooting, she often travels from Mumbai to London. Yes, Radhika's husband Benedict Taylor lives in London and he is a musician.

Very few people know that Radhika and Taylor got married in 2012, during which they had said, "Either Taylor comes to India or I go to London. It is very important that you often meet in such a relationship. In our case it is such that we spend a few days every month together. Sometimes we can cancel important plans to do this. If you really want to be with someone, then you try Areas are, that person becomes a priority for you. ''

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