Rahul attacks Modi government, says "Security is necessary than banging plate"

Sep 18 2020 01:06 PM
Rahul attacks Modi government, says

New Delhi: The Central Government has said in Parliament that it does not have any such data available to say how many health workers in the country have been infected with covid-19. A dispute has now arisen on this issue. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has attacked Modi government and asked why so much insult to covid Warriors? Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted on Friday that adverse data-free Modi government is more important than safety and respect for playing the plate, lighting the lamp. Why covid Warrior so insulted?

It has been learned that in the Rajya Sabha, it has been revealed in response to a question that how many health workers have been infected with covid-19 in the country or how many have died, they do not have this data yet. Earlier, the Central Government had spoken about the non-availability of such data even in the lockdown of how many migrant laborers have lost their lives. There was a ruckus Even then, Rahul Gandhi had attacked and said that the whole world knows how many laborers have lost their lives but not just the Modi government.

Significantly, the fight against covid-19 in the country is being fought by health workers on the front. Meanwhile, hundreds of doctors have died and many have succumbed to the virus. Not only this, such incidents have also come to light in the recent past, where health workers have had to suffer humiliation in their house or nearby place. But now the center not sharing any data gave the opposition another opportunity to raise questions.

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