Rahul appeals to Congress workers to leave all political work and only provide public assistance

New Delhi: Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday appealed to all Congress workers to give up all political work and help the needy as much as they can. He said, "The "system" of the country has failed and therefore, it is necessary to talk about the public interest. Rahul further says that the country needs responsible citizens in this threat. I urge my Congress colleagues to give up all political work and only provide public assistance, remove the sufferings of the countrymen in every way. This is the religion of the Congress family".



It may be noted that in view of the growing case of the country corona, Rahul Gandhi postponed all his public rallies in West Bengal on April 18, when he canceled the rallies, three phases of polling were pending in the state. In a tweet, he had said that in view of the situation in Corona, I am suspending all my public rallies in West Bengal. I would advise all political leaders to think deeply about the outcome of organizing major public rallies in the current situation.

Rahul has questioned the Modi government several times in the past in view of the country's crumbling health system. He had recently hit out at the Modi government amid reports of deaths of patients due to lack of oxygen and ICU beds in several districts. He alleged that the government was responsible for the situation. He tweeted, "Coronavirus may cause oxygen levels to fall, but lack of oxygen and lack of ICU beds are causing a lot of deaths".

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