Rahul Gandhi campaigned in Haryana, attacked BJP and RSS fiercely

Chandigarh: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who came to campaign for his candidates in the Haryana Assembly elections, took command of the campaign from Nuh in Haryana. Rahul Gandhi reached Nuh on Monday and attacked the central government state government fiercely. Rahul Gandhi said that listening to the speeches of Modi Ji and Khattar Ji, one gets to hear false promises one after the other.

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Rahul Gandhi asked the public, 'Tell me how many people are getting employment? Millions of people are unemployed. But I will not talk about mind first like them. I'd rather talk about work first. Then I will talk about the mind, 'Rahul Gandhi insisted that' I am not saying the way I did what I said. I did it in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh. The debt of farmers waived. 4 issues are special for you and these are Alwar to Gurgaon trains, Mewat Canal, IIT Nuh, Kotla Lake. I promise you all, I will show all these works after completion. Because I believe in not saying no.

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Rahul Gandhi further said that 'We work to connect everyone, that is the work of BJP and RSS which was the work of British before. The task of fighting each other. Rahul Gandhi asked the public to ask anyone how the work is going. If you ask the biggest industrialist, then he will also say that Modi Ji has made a bad situation.'

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