Rahul Gandhi Pledges Wealth Redistribution Survey if Congress Wins, Calls for Economic Reset
Rahul Gandhi Pledges Wealth Redistribution Survey if Congress Wins, Calls for Economic Reset

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has pledged to conduct a comprehensive survey aimed at redistributing wealth among Indians if the Congress party is elected to power. Gandhi outlined his plan, stating that the initial step would involve conducting a census to determine the population and status of various social groups, including backward castes, SCs, STs, minorities, and others. Following this, a financial and institutional survey would be conducted, leading to the redistribution of wealth, jobs, and welfare schemes to these groups based on their population.

The Congress party, in its recently unveiled manifesto for the Lok Sabha elections, emphasized the need for a reset of economic policy in the country. They proposed a new economic policy centered around job creation and transforming India into a manufacturing hub to meet domestic and global demand.

The concept of wealth redistribution aims to address the growing economic inequality in the country. Inequality in India has been increasing since the 1990s, with a significant concentration of wealth among the top 1%. According to a report, India's top 1% income share is among the highest in the world.

Various countries have implemented wealth redistribution measures in the past. Countries like Finland and Sweden have employed progressive transfer systems, while the United States utilizes taxes and transfers with a similar degree of progressivity. India also has a progressive tax system, with the wealthiest individuals taxed at a minimum of 30%, with a portion allocated to welfare schemes for the poor, including cash transfer programs.

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