'Bulldozers will destroy small scale industries, unemployment will increase...', Rahul Gandhi attacks central government

New Delhi: Several states in the country are facing a power crisis. Opposition parties have blamed the central government for the shortage of coal in thermal plants. Former Congress national president Rahul Gandhi has said that the Modi government should stop running the bulldozers of hatred and start running power plants. Rahul Gandhi said, "I said this to the Modi government on April 20, 2022, today the crisis of coal and power has created an uproar all over the country.''

Rahul Gandhi wrote in a Facebook post, "I am saying again that this crisis will destroy small industries, which will further increase unemployment. Little children can't stand this scorching heat. The lives of patients admitted in hospitals are at stake. Stopping rail, and metro services will cause economic losses."  Rahul Gandhi also used the hashtag "#BJPFailsIndia" and  asked, "Modi ji, don't you care about the country and the people?"

On Friday, Delhi's Energy Minister Satyendra Jain said that the main reason for the acute shortage of coal was the shortage of an adequate number of rakes. He said that instead of increasing the number of railway rakes, it has been reduced from 450 to 405. He has claimed that power plants, including Dadri and Unchahar, had only one day's coal reserves which should normally be for 21 days. At the same time, the claim of The Shanal Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is in stark contrast to the Kejriwal government. NTPC on Friday said it has no shortage of coal. His every unit is running. In such a situation, the question is being raised, is there really a huge shortage of coal, or is there only a debate on this issue?

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