Rahul Gandhi attacks government, says 'It is ruining the economy'

Jun 06 2020 05:34 PM
Rahul Gandhi attacks government, says 'It  is ruining the economy'

New Delhi: Former Congress president and MP from Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in Kerala, Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused the Modi government of not giving cash support to the people and units of micro, small and medium industries (MSME) sector in the time of Corona epidemic. Actively destroying the economy.

Rahul Gandhi has named it 'Demonetisation 2.0'. He has shared a news on Twitter, which describes the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy and status of the MSME sector in the country. Rahul Gandhi has demanded from the government that financial assistance should be provided to the poor, laborers and MSMEs. He says that people should be sent 7500 rupees per month in the accounts for the next six months and Rs 10,000 should be given immediately. Earlier Rahul Gandhi had said that it is a criminal activity by the government to not provide cash to the people to emerge from this crisis.

Rahul Gandhi has targeted the Modi government at the Center over the Corona virus cases. He has termed the lockdown imposed by the Modi government in the country as a complete failure. Rahul Gandhi, through his Twitter account, has given an example of some countries regarding the Corona virus cases by writing through graph that this is what looks like a failed lockdown. Rahul Gandhi believes that the decision to unlock in the country has been taken at a time when the cases of corona here are increasing rapidly.

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