Donald Trump claims, 'India will have more Corona cases than America'

Washington: US President Donald Trump has questioned the testing system of India and China regarding the corona virus epidemic and claims that if they do more tests, then both countries have more cases of corona virus infection than the US. Will. Donald Trump said in a program that, "The United States has tested more than 20 million (20 million) samples so far. Germany has 40 million more than the US and South Korea has examined nearly 3 million."

At the same time, according to the Indian Ministry of Health, India has done 40 lakh tests of corona virus so far. Explain that the US is most affected by the epidemic in both death and infection. So far, more than 19.65 lakh people have been infected with the corona virus in the US and more than 1.11 lakh people have lost their lives due to this epidemic. Whereas in India 2.36 lakh people are infected and 6642 people are killed and in China about 83 thousand people are infected and 4634 people have died.

Addressing 'Puritan Medical Products', Donald Trump once again attacked China for the coronavirus, saying, "It is really an enemy. It came from China which could have been stopped in China itself." But they did not do that. " Trump described the war against the epidemic as the greatest national and industrial mobilization since World War II, saying that his administration had put the entire life of the US government and American industry to defeat "the invisible enemy".

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