Police raid on hookah bars, two seals, 19 arrested

Nov 27 2019 09:20 PM
Police raid on hookah bars, two seals, 19 arrested

Recently, a case of crime has surfaced from Ghaziabad, where the police were constantly getting information about illegal hookah bars being operated. Taking these complaints seriously, the administration officials conducted an intensive checking campaign on Tuesday and during this intensive operation, the joint team of administration and police arrested 19, sealing two hookah bars. Yes, it is being told that hookah bar operators are also involved.

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At the same time, the police have sent the arrested accused to jail and told that the joint team raided Hookah Bar 'The Rock Club' running in Aditya Mall of Indirapuram police station area and 'Walker Street Food' in Lucky Plaza. In this case, Senior Superintendent of Police Sudhir Kumar Singh said in this regard that, "Action is being taken against all the people working illegally in the district." Twice 19 people have been arrested and along with 29 hookahs, the material used in it has also been recovered.

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With this, it is told that "ADM City and SDM were also in the team that carried out this action." The surprising thing is that most of the arrested accused are students and the police and administration are strict Despite this, the hookah bars which are addictive to the youth are going ahead in the illegal operation.

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