ADO Panchayat caught taking a bribe; committee investigating the matter

Nov 27 2019 02:20 PM
ADO Panchayat caught taking a bribe; committee investigating the matter

The cases of crime coming these days are surprising to everyone. The case that has come up is from Mirzapur. In this case, the video of ADO Panchayat Chanbe, taking notes filled in a packet, has gone viral and at the same time Shivshankar, a resident of Mahuwari Kala of Vindhyachal police station area has alleged that "ADO Panchayat Ashok Dubey is doing irregularities in some work. One lakh rupees have been bribed and its video has been made.

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At the same time, how much this video is true, it will be known only after investigation and Shivshankar's allegation that "In the video, the ADO Panchayat has said that this money goes to the top officials." Which indicates corruption. ”In this case, Shiv Shankar has given a letter to the DM demanding action. At the same time, he said, "This is a serious matter, immediate action should be taken on this and harsh punishment should be given to the accused".

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In this case, CDO Priyanka Niranjan said, "This episode is serious and without investigation, nothing can be said under what circumstances and when this video was made." For this, the committee will investigate on the instructions of DM. Only then something can be said.

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