Identifying illegal vendors became easy for Railways

Jun 03 2020 09:25 AM
Identifying illegal vendors became easy for Railways

The Jabalpur Railway Division is preparing their credentials with the QR code to check illegal vendors selling food items at the railway station. Only licensed vendors will be able to sell goods in railway stations and trains. If this system is successful, it will be implemented in railway stations and trains across the country.

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It will be compulsory for every vendor to hang the QR code. There will be complete horoscope of that person. If any passenger or railway officer suspects the vendor, then the person concerned will get his full information after scanning that identity card from mobile. It will not be possible to copy such identity cards. Vendor's name, address, name of contractor, validity of card, workplace, mobile number, all information will be available in the passenger's mobile as soon as he scans.

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QR Code means Quick Response Code i.e. a prompt to provide quick information. It is a type of trademark that was first created for the automotive industry in Japan. This is a new version of the old barcode. It is read through the corresponding QR code reader or smartphone. Email, website, phone number and other information are directly linked through the QR Code. The information can be read by going directly to the website as soon as it is scanned. Basant Kumar Sharma, Senior Commercial Manager, Jabalpur Railway Division, said that now the work in the railway is coming on track. All work is being started. Our old schemes are also being started. Similarly, before the lockdown, we had planned to make a QR generated identity card for the vendors of the railway which contained all the information of the vendors. This process will be started now. This is being used by the Jabalpur division. So that illegal vendors can be controlled.

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