Rainy Season Craving: pakoda with tea!

Jul 04 2016 05:43 PM
Rainy Season Craving: pakoda with tea!

Drizzles, showers, lazy hours, cozy days… yes, that’s what we relate Monsoon to. With the onset of monsoon, the scorching heat of the summer is bid goodbye and people welcome the new season with open arms.

Who does not like rain; especially, after the perspiration of summer, getting drenched in the rain is a respite.

Apart from the pleasant weather, monsoon is a season when we take immense delight in food Rain and Tea! An inseparable combination.

Ranked second on the world’s most consumed drinks, tea, is the most preferred drink during the rainy season.

And for all who are not a tea-person, coffee is always a good alternative. This monsoon when it starts raining cats and dogs while you are waiting for the bus to arrive, enjoy the shower with a cup of kadak chai (tea).

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