Man starts blackmailing lady teacher after taking selfie, arrested

May 21 2020 01:01 PM
Man starts blackmailing lady teacher after taking selfie, arrested

Raipur: The matter that has come up recently is that of Tikrapara of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. Where the police arrested a teacher for blackmailing a female teacher.

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In this case, the woman alleges that he was blackmailing her for eight years and has recovered thousands of rupees. On this, the police registered a crime under section 384 of Bhadvi and arrested the accused teacher. According to the information found in this case, both used to teach in the same school and during this time, they first caught them by talking with the teacher's mobile number.

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One day I met and took a selfie. During this case, the teacher started demanding money by threatening to take the selfie taken with him on social media. After that the teacher kept giving money due to fear of localization and even after giving thousands of rupees, he continued to blackmail. Finally, the woman got upset and informed her husband and other members of the house. A written complaint was made in the police of the case and the police, taking prompt action, arrested the accused teacher Surendra Tandon and sent him to jail.

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