Raipur man selling Pani-Puri with unique Jugaad amidst pandemic

Sep 16 2020 01:00 PM
Raipur man selling Pani-Puri with unique Jugaad amidst pandemic

At present, people around the world are suffering from coronavirus, and in the meantime, people are afraid to get out of the house. People are yearning to eat street food. There are many people who are enjoying street food with fun by ignoring the corona, but there are others who are missing it a lot. A lot of people crave to eat Paani-Puri. Many people cannot live without it and it is very much liked in India anyway.

Recently, a video of a Panipuri Wala from Chhattisgarh is going viral. She has pulled out an amazing sale of Panipuri during the Corona period. We are sure that it will bring a smile on your face. The person has installed an automatic Panipuri machine in the shop, which will enable customers to easily pick up the Paani Puri without any physical contact. The video was shared by IAS officer Anish Sharan on his Twitter. 

He then asks people to take water through the machine. Customers are very comfortable putting their favourite water in the Puri. Now, at the moment, many people termed it as the best Indian Jugaad. Happy with this brilliant idea in the video, when the customer asked the name of Panipuri Wala, he described his name as Swami. An IAS officer shared the video and wrote in the caption, "Automatic Panipuri of Telibandha Raipur. Ghazab Ka Jugaad'. It's really amazing".

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