Recipe: Want to try anything new in this monsoon? Try this raj kachori recipe

Jul 25 2019 07:48 PM
Recipe: Want to try anything new in this monsoon? Try this raj kachori recipe

The rainy season is going on and everybody wants to enjoy it. In the rainy season, everyone wants to eat crispily. Delicious food is the best way to enjoy the season during rainy days. If you want to try something different, tell you that 'Raj Kachori' may be a special dish. This is what you've come to know about the recipe that lets you taste spicy and delicious. So let's know about this special Recipe of 'Raj Kachori'.

Necessary materials

- Maida : 1 cup
- Suzy : 1/2" 4 cups
- Baking soda : 2 pinches.
- Oil : for frying

For Stuffing

- Boiled Potatoes : 2
- Besan or urad dal dumplings : 10 to 12
- Yogurt : 1 cup
- Save Bhujia : 1/2" 2 cups
- Boiled peas or gram : 1/2 cup 2 cups
- Pomegranate Grains : 1/2" 2 cups
- sweet chutney
- green chutney
- Roasted cumin seeds : 2 tsp
- black salt : 1 tsp
- Red Chilli Powder : 1/2" 2 tsp
- Salt : to taste.


First mix the maida, semolina and baking soda together and add water to it and knead well.

- Now heat the oil in the embroidery and take its little puri.

- It will be like a kachori, now throw these kachoris lightly.

- Add a pakodi, potato cubes, boiled peas, roasted cumin, red chili powder, black salt, plain salt, yoghurt and green chutney for further feeling.

- Then add cumin powder, red chillies, yoghurt, chutney, Bhujia and pomegranate grains from above to make Raj Kachori ready to eat.

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