Father rapes 9 YO daughter, gets 9 stitches in private part
Father rapes 9 YO daughter, gets 9 stitches in private part

Ajmer: A case of shaming up relations with the Alwar district of Rajasthan has come to light. A 9-year-old girl was raped by a father in Behror here, due to which she suffered a lot of injuries in her private part. The girl, who was writhing in pain, had to be taken to the hospital and stitched. The mother along with other family members kept the whole matter under wraps for 5 days. On the report of the coordinator of the Childline Department, the police have registered a case and started investigating.

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According to reports, at around 11 am on October 20, a person called the child helpline number in Alwar and told coordinator Mukesh Kumar Poswal that, '5 to 6 days ago, a 9-year-old innocent was raped by his own father in a village in Behror. Everyone in his family and village knows about this, but no one is saying anything, sir. Sir, that innocent is in pain. There are nine stitches on her private part. She's so scared. Always crying, and no one understands her pain. You do something, sir. Saying so, he disconnected the phone.'

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Based on the information, childline and police teams reached the village. Here the family opposed the policemen and team for taking the girl with them, but after a lot of struggle, they managed to bring the victim to Behror police station. When the team questioned the innocent, she got scared, but then slowly she narrated the whole story, what the father had done to her. However, the accused father had fled from the spot, now the police are looking for him.

According to Behror police station in-charge Virendrapal Vishnoi, a medical board has been made and the girl has been examined. Statements from 164 people along with villagers have been recorded and an investigation is on. A doctor is also involved in this case. He said that the police are also investigating whether the family had taken the innocent to a doctor or to a quack, because seeing her condition, it was clear what had happened to her.

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