Double attack of corona and dengue in Rajasthan

Jaipur: Along with coronavirus, dengue cases are also increasing continuously in Rajasthan. Along with Omicron, record-breaking cases of dengue are being registered in the state. Talking about the capital Jaipur, 3500 dengue infected patients have been found here. The number of dengue patients in the state has crossed 20 thousand. Dengue along with Corona has caught the pace of the health department officials. Along with this, 54 people have also lost their lives in the state due to dengue caused by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

Jaipur is the first place in the case of dengue patients. After this, Kota is the name of Jodhpur at number two and third. According to the information received, cases of scrub typhus have also started being received in many areas due to bites of mites or fleas. If we look at the figures of last year, this time 280 more infected patients have been found of dengue. Along with this, 1618 cases of scrub typhus were found last year, which has increased to 1898 this time. Along with this, if we look at the district-wise figures, dengue cases have been found in Bikaner, Alwar, Dholpur, Jhalawar, Karauli, Udaipur, Barmer, Bharatpur, Churu and Jodhpur.

This time the reason for increasing the maximum number of cases in the state is the Den-2 variant of Dengue. According to health experts, it affects the liver and lungs of the patient. According to experts, the effect of this variant is first on the stomach, due to which the patient gets a high fever along with abdominal pain. Platelets are not reduced in this initial fever and the effect of this variant is also not visible. But it has more effect on the patient's gallbladder, liver and lungs.

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