Not only Muslim youth but police also responsible for Kanhaiyalal's death! Know the whole matter

Udaipur: The incident that took place in Udaipur in Rajasthan on Tuesday afternoon has blown everyone's senses. In fact, due to an accident post in support of Nupur Sharma, who made objectionable remarks about Prophet Mohammed in the past, the fanatics slit the throat of the tailor Kanhaiyalal. It is being told that the accused who entered the shop on the pretext of sewing clothes also captured the entire incident on camera and then released two videos and threatened to kill PM Modi as well.

How this controversy started- In fact, the whole controversy started during the uproar over Nupur Sharma. It so happened that a post in support of Nupur Sharma was forwarded on WhatsApp from Kanhaiyalal's mobile. Yes, and Kanhaiya had claimed that this post was made by his 8-year-old son by mistake. However, since then Kanhaiya had started receiving threats. In this case, ADG Law and Order, Rajasthan, Hawa Singh Ghuraria said that some people who were hurt by Kanhaiyalal's post gave a complaint to the police in Udaipur.

At the same time, the police registered a case against Kanhaiyalal on June 10 and arrested him on the same day, however, Kanhaiya got bail after appearing in court. Since Kanhaiyalal was released on bail, there have been constant threats to kill him since then. In fact, the fanatics started threatening to kill him by calling and messaging him. On June 15, Kanhaiya approached the police with a complaint. He demanded protection from the police saying he had received the threat, which was confirmed by the ADG Law and Order himself. In the past, the police, who seemed to be tight-lipped in arresting Kanhaiyalal, became lethargic on the threats he received and did not take any action.

Yes, according to the information received, instead of arresting the threats, the police called them to the police station and got a compromise done. The police persuaded both the parties and sent them home, but ignoring the threats received by Kanhaiyalal, he was not provided security. After that, the accused Mohammad Riaz made a video on June 17 and announced that he would remove the head of the man who was angry in the glory of the prophet from the body. Yes, and he did as he said. On the 11th day of his announcement, he along with his accomplice Gaus Mohammad brutally killed Kanhaiyalal.

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