'Mohammed Zubair' also spread fake news against Nupur Sharma?
'Mohammed Zubair' also spread fake news against Nupur Sharma?

New Delhi: The IFSO unit of Delhi Police on Monday arrested Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of controversial news portal AltNews. Mohammed Zubair and Nupur Sharma were embroiled in controversies since the case. Mohammed Zubair had edited and shared on social media the clip of Nupur Sharma in which Nupur Sharma had said a controversial remark against Prophet Mohammed. Following this, she got suspended and BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma had alleged that she had started receiving threats of murder and rape ever since the video shared by Zubair.

When Mohammed Zubair shared an edited video of Nupur Sharma, since then Nupur Sharma started receiving threats, this claim has been made by Nupur Sharma herself. Nupur had accused Mohammed Zuber of saying that the video shared by Mohammed Zubair was too edited and fake news was spread against her. Nupur had said that I had only read an excerpt from her religious book. Nupur Sharma had accused Zubair of having said that he had received more than 70,000 threats. If there is any loss to me, my family or my relative, it will be solely and only fake news peddler Mohammed Zubair will be responsible. Nupur Sharma had said that I have given a complaint in this regard to the Intelligence Department.

Let us know that the Nupur Sharma controversy took such a turn that many Muslim countries summoned the ambassadors of India and registered their protest. The BJP had then suspended Nupur Sharma from the primary membership of the party till the probe was completed. At the same time, Delhi BJP's media in-charge Naveen Jindal was expelled from the party for six years.

What was the Nupur Sharma case:-

Let us tell you that, Mohammed Zubair had created a ruckus of blasphemy all over the world by making the point of a statement of Nupur Sharma. Whereas, in that video of the debate, it is clearly visible that, Nupur Sharma is retaliating. That is, when there were repeated derogatory remarks about the Shivling being made by the Muslim panellist, seeing her adorable being insulted, Nupur Sharma replied by saying, "If you say so, we can also say 'this' on the Prophet." But the issue of the insult to the Shivlinga was completely suppressed and Muslims all over the world were provoked by the Prophet controversy. The Muslims of the country as well as the Islamic countries did not think it appropriate to see from which side the dispute started and who started insulting whose religion before reacting.

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