Recipe: Try delicious Rajasthani Capsicum Vegetable, Change Test

Aug 05 2019 07:27 PM
Recipe: Try delicious Rajasthani Capsicum Vegetable, Change Test

Your capsicum vegetable will be eaten in a normal manner. But it can also make you in many ways. So today we will have a special recipes for Rajasthani besan chilli that will change your test and a new test. So let's tell you this new capsicum recipes.

* Required content:

- 6 green chillies
- one tbsp gram flour
- 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
- 1 tsp coriander powder
- 1 tsp Amchoor powder
- 1 tsp fennel, grounded
- A pinch of asa
- 1/2 tsp cumin seeds
- half a teaspoon rye
- salt to taste
- one tbsp mustard oil

* Method of making:

- Wash the green chillies and break the stems. Then cut the peppers.

- Keep heating the cauldron on the gas now.

- Add the besan to the pan and fry on a medium flame till it browns slightly. Keep the besan on the klashso so that it does not burn.

- Remove the gram flour on a plate and add oil to the pan and heat it.

- Add cumin seeds, rye and asahee in the oil.

- When the rye, cumin tempering, mix well with coriander, turmeric, amchoor powder, ground fennel seeds, green chillies and salt.

- Add 1 tbsp of water to the chilli mixture and cover the pan and allow the chilli to cook on a low flame for 2 minutes.

- Open the lid and add the roasted gram flour to the green chillies. Fry it for 2 minutes and then turn off the flame.

- Ready Rajasthani besanwali peppers. Now serve it on a plate of food whenever you want.

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