Fire breaks out in Rajdhani Express

Jun 13 2019 05:11 PM
Fire breaks out in Rajdhani Express

Betul: A fire broke out at 11 pm on Wednesday night in the rear generator van of Rajdhani Express from Sinkadabad to Nizamuddin in the district. The train was stopped at Narkher railway station and the fire was controlled. Passengers were stirred up by a sudden fire on the train. The passengers ran out of the train and came to the platform.

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Several trains were stopped on the back-up track of the capital. There was a chaotic panic at Narkher station till 1 pm. After the incident, Jabalpur Express has been stopped at Kasol and Kerala Express at Narkher. The accident happened on the train between Narkher to Darymet station. The train has been stopped on the way and brought to Narkher station. Where Breakyan has been separated by train.

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Medical vans have been sent from Amla and Nagpur after the incident, according to the information. The cause of the fire has not been disclosed. It is reported that the Kerala Express, which is coming back after the incident, has been sent back to the last station. Traffic was normal at around 3 p.m. Let's say this kind of incident has already happened in the country.