Rajnath Singh on the Kashmir issue, the army has full rights to take decisions to protect the country

Aug 12 2018 04:03 PM
Rajnath Singh on the Kashmir issue, the army has full rights to take decisions to protect the country

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the BJP state committee meeting in Meerut in UP said that the BJP does not make the government, the country makes it. We might not win elections but will definitely win the heart of country and society. In Kashmir, we have given an open exemption to the army and have rights to go as far as possible. The government will not bind their hand.

Rajnath Singh also gave a direct dialogue. He said that due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, India has become a notion that India is not weak. This is not being digested by the Congress. Congress and its supporters brought the no-confidence motion but was of no use.

He said that the Congress President reached out to hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament. The movement was against dignity. The irony is that the person who does not know the dignity of Parliament is dreaming to become the Prime Minister of the country. He said that BJP is not family-based enterprises. He praised the work of CM Yogi Adityanath of UP and said that the criminals think four times before committing the crime due to the fear of government. Talking about the Indian Army, it was said that now our soldiers are capturing five to seven-eight militants in Kashmir every day. We have given the army open rights. They also counted the plans of the state government. 

Rajnath Singh said that on Independence Day after three days and Prime Minister's speech will also be there. We have not just got the freedom. Many sacrifices had to be given for it. We also do politics to rule the country. But the main thing must be to India a self-respecting, prosperous India. 

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