As soon as these measures are taken on rakhi, the money will start increasing!

Aug 14 2019 08:00 PM
As soon as these measures are taken on rakhi, the money will start increasing!

Today is the Chaturdashi date of Shravan Shukla Paksha and Wednesday, and today the Chaturdashi date is scheduled to last till 3.46 p.m. The full moon date will begin after this and it is said that the full moon of the month of Shravan is fasting today. Today, Chandraodya is scheduled to be held at 06.02 p.m. and today is the Shravan Nakshatra, which will last for the entire day and after the whole night, at 08.02 am on Thursday morning.

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The Lord of the Shravan Nakshatra is the Moon and today is the night of the full moon in which he is worshipped by fasting for the cause of the Moon. That is why on this day, the special fruit of the full moon fast and puja in the Shravan Nakshatra will be available to the seeker, while in Vedic astrology, Goddess Saraswati of Shravan Nakshatra is also considered. That's why any work related to vidya on this day is definitely successful. So let's point out today some of the measures you can take today or tomorrow.

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* On the day of Sawan Purnima, it is said, "Water the Peepal tree in the morning and also worship Mata Lakshmi and give her pure food." It is said that by doing so, every desire is fulfilled.

* It is said that if there is always a money problem at home, take 11 cowries on the day of Sawan Purnima and place them in front of Maa Lakshmi with turmeric. Now, worship it lawfully and then put them in red clothes and keep them in your chest or cupboard. They say that this gradually eliminates the lack of funds.

* It is said that the day of Purnima and Raksha Bandhan is considered to be a good day for the worship of Ganesha, which is why it is considered auspicious to donate the yellow object along with the worship of Ganesha and by doing so will calm your planet.

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* They say that on the day of Rakhi, rangoli should be made at the main door of the house as it makes Maa Lakshmi happy and brings you home.

* On the day of Rakhi i.e. Sawan Purnima, Lord Shiva enjoys white sandalwood, white flowers and sago pudding as it brings happiness and prosperity.

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