Rakhi Sawant To Leave Film Industry, Has A Special Video Requests For Her Fans

Sep 10 2019 03:29 PM
Rakhi Sawant To Leave Film Industry, Has A Special Video Requests For Her Fans

Controversy queen Rakhi Sawant, who remains in the TV industry due to her controversial statements, is in discussions about her marriage these days. In such a situation, Rakhi is nowhere behind in making headlines with her social media posts. Rakhi has posted a new video which you can see. Yes, in this video, Rakhi Sawant is seen requesting a hit for her song Chappan Churi from fans in a unique way. Yes, Rakhi Sawant has now released her new song Chhappan Churi after the secret wedding from UK based NRI and in this song, she is seen in strong style.


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Right now, Rakhi's song is trending at number 6, but Rakhi wants to bring her song to number 1, which is why she has requested fans to make her song a hit. Recently by sharing the video, in this video, Rakhi says that she is moving to the UK to stay with her husband. She has sindoor in the video and can also be seen sporting a mangalsutra. In the video, she says that her fans should boost the song and make it a hit as a gift to her before she goes to the UK forever.

At the same time, she is saying, "Now we are going to my husband." You will not give blessings to people as we go. We do not have so much money that we will keep playing our songs in all the channels. We are not a little Ambani. Can't you share our song? This song has come at number 6 in trending and only you can bring it to number 1. We cannot bring it. You are our fans, don't you love? Let's share quickly, share the song. "Let everyone tell you that in this video, Rakhi is saying," She is going to the UK to her husband forever."

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