Tie this Home-made Vedic Rakhi to brother's wrist, Know its importance

This year the festival of Rakhi is going to come on 3 August 2020. The festival of Rakhi will be celebrated on 3 August. Celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan with the Vedic method is considered best. By celebrating Rakhi festival with this method, life of brother becomes happy and auspicious. According to the scriptures, five things have special significance for this. Raksha Sutra is made from them only. Durva (grass), Akshat (rice), saffron, sandalwood, and mustard seeds are included. You take these 5 items and then tie it in silk cloth or you can sew it if you want. Now thread it into the art form. This is how your Vedic Rakhi is ready.

Importance of 5 items-

Durva (grass) - It is said that this virtue is successful in increasing the purity of the mind rapidly. Durva is considered dear to Vighnaharta Ganesh.

Akshat (rice) - It is used because reverence for a couple is never intact.

Saffron- The nature of saffron is good, ie the one we are tying the rakhi, it should be stunning. The intensity of spirituality increases in brother's life and there is also the intensity of devotion.

Sandalwood- Sandalwood is cool in nature and gives an aroma. Its use keeps the coolness in the brother's life.

Mustard seeds - Mustard indicates that we should be vigorous in eliminating the faults of society. 

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