This is how Sunil Lahri got Lakshman's role in 'Ramayan'
This is how Sunil Lahri got Lakshman's role in 'Ramayan'

TV show Ramayana, which has created history on the small screen, is returning to television once again. The star cast of the show reached the set of The Kapil Sharma Show in the past. Along with this, many funny things happened on this show, as well as many secrets were also revealed, Sunil Lahiri, who played Laxman in the Ramayana, told in a conversation with Kapil on this show how he got this role. Sunil told how he was not interested in doing this role but sometimes luck will take decisions for you. Sunil Lahiri told that I too like Arunji and Deepika ji. I was told about the Ramayana TV show and was told to give an audition.

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I was not particularly interested in this show, but if people force me, I gave an interview and my selection was done. But my selection was done for Shatrughan. I did not get the character of Laxman. Shashi Puri ji was finalized for Laxman. Shashi Puri Ji refused to play that role. With this, we say that luck is sometimes a very big thing. When I crossed the road from one place, Sagar sahib was passing by. He stopped the car and asked what I was doing? I said shooting is going on. He asked me to walk to the office and I said that I am shooting again. I forgot to go later.

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There were no mobile phones in those days, people used to run landlines. I did not even have a landline, so Sagar saheb sent someone and called me. He told me that I should play Laxman. I said that I am playing another character in the same serial. He said that I want you to play Laxman. I came out to Shashi Puri and said look, those people are offering me the character of Laxman. He said, "Look, I am not going to do that role. So before he finals someone else. But then I said yes to the role and the rest is that history.

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