Ranbir Roy- An Entrepreneur that wants to make people live better
Ranbir Roy- An Entrepreneur that wants to make people live better

Ranbir has a two-fold philosophy for success: work hard and don’t take shortcuts. Ranbir says, "There is no easy way to earn quick money, but you have to believe in yourself and work hard and wisely to achieve your goals".
Success entails far more than money, power, or popularity. Success in every career or sphere of life requires significant hard work and a little bit of courage. One of the most crucial success recipes is determination, which may also be the most significant success secret. To be successful, you must never quit until you achieve your goal.
Ranbir's life story has been pretty much the same. He has been incredibly successful because of his hard work and never-give-up attitude. A serial entrepreneur, he is the director of the India ESports Company, the VSG Media & Management Agency, and the RR Hotels Group.
Not only that, he is passionate about cricket, snooker, and pool, for which he has garnered several accolades and championships. He is also one of India's oldest cricket tippers. He is also known as VSG in short and is one of the top cricket tippers.
His claim to fame is his tipping in the Indian Premier League, which gave him a start as a tipper. He is very famous among tippers, with a success percentage of more than 85%. His tips have changed the fortunes of many people.
2021 was an amazing year for Ranbir. He correctly predicted that Chennai Super Kings would win the trophy, and the majority of his predictions for the second phase have been accurate. He also successfully predicted that Australia was going to win the 2021 World Cup.
Born in Patna and brought up in Delhi and Pune, and coming from a humble background, he is an inspiration to many young people. He enjoys flying and is quite enthusiastic about traveling and finding new places throughout the world.
He gives a reminder to brilliant, promising youngsters and other people who are thinking of giving up, saying that there is no shortcut to success and that they must trust in themselves and work hard and smarter to achieve their goals successfully.

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