Workers return to work from flight
Workers return to work from flight

The exodus of workers from Jharkhand is on the pace from the metros these days. The big thing is that big companies from the metros are calling them by sending airplane tickets for these workers. Every day a crowd of laborers from all over the state is reaching Ranchi Airport. Workers' groups are moving towards Mumbai, Delhi and other metros. Workers leaving Ranchi Airport to Mumbai said that they are being given work as per daily wages instead of monthly salary. In this, wages have been fixed according to skill. For general workers where there are ₹ 400 to 500 daily wages.

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The migration of laborers from other districts including Palamu, Hazaribagh, Singhbhum, Garhwa, and Santhal in Jharkhand is going on continuously from Ranchi Airport towards the metros. The laborers told that they are compelled to flee due to a lack of employment at home. And now the next question arises that how will they survive in a metro like Mumbai with so little money. 

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The state government had started several schemes including the CM Shramik Yojana to provide employment to the migrant laborers. Apart from this, there was an initiative to connect the workers with the MNREGA as well, but at the moment, the laborers at the grassroots level are not getting the benefit of it. In this, thousands of laborers were forced to return to their residences by walking or cycling from the metros, but today the same workers are forced to flee again.

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