Ratan Tata Exposes Deceptive 'Deepfake' Video of him giving investment advice
Ratan Tata Exposes Deceptive 'Deepfake' Video of him giving investment advice

Ratan Tata, the renowned industrialist and former head of Tata Group, has taken a stand against a fake video circulating on Instagram. The fake clip, shared by an Instagram user named Sona Agarwal, misleadingly portrayed Tata giving investment counsel while the post's caption lured viewers with promises of a 'risk-free' chance to amplify their investments.

The deceptive Instagram post showcased a deep fake interview with Ratan Tata, where he falsely referred to Agarwal as his manager. The caption accompanying Agarwal's post read, "A recommendation from Ratan Tata for everyone in India. This is your chance to exaggerate your investment right today risk-free with 100% guarantee. Go to the channel right now."

The proliferation of deepfake videos featuring notable personalities on social media has sparked shock and alarm among users. The latest victim, actor Priyanka Chopra, was featured in a video endorsing a brand and purportedly disclosing her annual income through manipulated content.

In contrast to other manipulated videos involving actors, Priyanka's facial features remain unaltered in these controversial videos. However, her voice and dialogues from the original footage have been replaced with a falsified brand advertisement.

In a separate incident, actor Alia Bhatt was also a target of a deepfake video that was later confirmed to be false. The viral video depicted Alia Bhatt's face digitally placed onto another woman sitting on a bed. The manipulated footage showcased a girl wearing a blue floral outfit with Alia's face superimposed, gesturing towards the camera.

Meanwhile, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar convened with social media platforms to assess their progress in combatting misinformation and deepfake content. He emphasized the issuance of advisories within the next two days to ensure absolute compliance by these platforms.

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