Raunak Singh and his team Sikh Aid's
Raunak Singh and his team Sikh Aid's "Mission Milk" makes a positive difference in children's lives.

They have started this new mission in Odisha, Cuttack, to feed children below seven years old.

It is amazing to learn about all those people, who before trying to secure success, make sure to clinch excellence in all that they choose to lay their hands on. Such individuals have been infusing the right kind of energy, enthusiasm, courage, and motivation in others as they believe in offering value to people they work for. We couldn't help but notice the rise of one such passionate man, a visionary, and a selfless soul named Raunak Singh, who with his team Sikh Aid has been working harder each day to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Currently, the much-talked-about team has come forward with a mission called "Mission Milk," started in Odisha, Cuttack, where these passionate individuals have adopted a village for the genuine intent to provide milk to children aged below seven years. They have created a proper website for the same ( where people can make donations and help take a step forward to doing the good to these kids in the small village.

Mission Milk is a growing initiative by the Sikh Aid team, spearheaded by Raunak Singh, to provide the most basic source of nutrition called milk to underprivileged children. On asking why this initiative, Raunak Singh explained that during one of their visits delivering basic rations, the team realized at a single settlement of about 50 families, there's an average of four children per family aged between 10 months to 10 years. After discussing the needs of similar underprivileged families, they realized that although the needs of the adults were being met with the help of ration kits, the children still needed something as basic as milk. Hence, Raunak Singh with Sikh Aid started Mission Milk to provide proper nutrition to these kids.

His organization is about the Sikh principle of "Naam Japo, Kirat Karo, Vandh Chakho" and are committed to working for people across cities to better their lives.

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