This cricketer changes his name on Twitter due to corona scare

Mar 25 2020 01:35 PM
This cricketer changes his name on Twitter due to corona scare

Suddenly the corona's havoc has been flooded by this cadre today, that it is not taking the name of pause. There have been more than 17000 deaths due to the virus. Team India's spin bowler R Ashwin has changed his name on Twitter due to Coronavirus. Coronavirus has started spreading rapidly in India now. Lockdown has been implemented in all states of the country.

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According to reports, people have been instructed to stay in homes. To prevent this infection from spreading. Ashwin has now removed his name to 'Let's Stay Endors India'. In a way, he has appealed people to stay in homes.

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It is also being said that during this time, he also tweeted a tweet about Covid-19. Ashwin wrote that look at all the information (both official and shocking), then one thing is certain that the next two weeks will be very important. In the next two weeks every city of India should look deserted, because if it increases, there will be chaos.

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