Real Estate Investment Coach Sanan Sanani on Why You Should Start Young
Real Estate Investment Coach Sanan Sanani on Why You Should Start Young

Real Estate entrepreneur turned myth-buster coach Sanan Sanani has a few interesting points to share with the young. We sat with him recently for a cup of coffee to find his element of success in this business, which is traditionally for older people. 

A look at his story and the steps he took not only inspired us but also taught us a lesson in timing. In this interview, He breaks down why you should invest in real estate investment when you are young, especially in this time and age.

Let’s dive in:

Q. When did you start Investing?

A. I started Real Estate Investing at age 17 but it was a horrible investment, I was thinking of my first property as a vacation-home rather than a small start up business. I guess it’s a common mistake.

Q. When did you start coaching?

A. I don’t consider myself as a Real Estate Educator, that is not my passion. My passion is doing real estate deals but after reaching 10 properties at the age of 25 and 6 more by the age of 26 I was asked to do an online training infront of 20 first-time home owners and the host enjoyed me on the conference call so much that he asked me to do it again and I wouldn’t say anything new the next time it was practically the same speech over and over again, he wouldn’t want me to change it, and that’s really boring if you ask me but I realized the demand to create a platform for a real estate course and mentorship.

Q. What problem are you trying to solve? 

A. The education system is outdated, expensive, and wastes too much time in proportion of the value you gain and they simply leave out the TWO most important topics of all time - Real Estate and Money.

Q. What is your mission? 

A. To build a socially responsible community of like minded individuals that uses real estate as a vehicle for designing extraordinary lifestyles, living their dreams in the present and affecting positive change in the world.

My mission is to globally equip all income-earners with the right knowledge and tools needed to secure financial freedom by using real estate as a vehicle for building wealth. 

Q. What are your values? 

A. We will show integrity, carry out our job with passion, respect one another, show the utmost professionalism and work as a team to meet our clients’ needs.

Q. What is your vision? 

A. I think visualization is personal and important, if i was to openly describe what my vision would be on a macro level I would say it’s to help change at least thousands and thousands of lives. 

Q. What are your short term goals?

A. To be very vague, my short term goals are to make short-term sacrifices for long-term success.

Q. What are your long term goals?

A. My long term goals are to live a fulfilling life, where I live not for myself, but for others, and to help leave the world a little bit a better place than it was yesterday. 

Q. Now, why should we start young?

A. When it comes to investing in properties, the earlier you start the more equity you can build over time. And you have a higher chance to build a network that will last your lifetime. In real estate, having a solid network is important for finding deals, funding deals, finding contractors and building your passive income portfolio 

Final Thoughts

We live in a world of opportunities, and those who start earlier will definitely lead the way. Afterall, the early bird does catch the worm in business today. I hope Sanan’s story has changed your perspective for the better, and proved to you that you do need to start younger. Sanan Sanani is a real estate coach who is currently residing in Tbilisi, Georgia and is preparing the young generation for a better financial future through real estate investment.

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