If your nails also break very fast, know the reasons!

Aug 20 2019 06:28 PM
If your nails also break very fast, know the reasons!

Sometimes people tend to break their nails because of their work. This often happens and the nails tend to weaken. According to the dermatologist, this problem is called Onychoschizia. If you remove the upper layer of the broken nail, the lower part looks thin and broken. It sounds very strange and makes your nails look ugly too. So we're going to tell you how to nourishes nails.

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Causes of nail breakdown
* Nutritional deficiency- Lack of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A may cause nail breakdown problems.

* Chronic system-related disease- Nail rupture can also be a symptom of a chronic disease such as liver or chronic renal failure.

* Trauma- If you have a habit of chewing nails like babies or sucking the thumb. So your nails can break.

* Nail hardeners, nail polish, nail polish removers, and nail-in-the-nail chemicals can also cause damage to the nail. this causes them to become mutilated and broken.

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Avoid breaking nails like this
* If your nails break frequently, Dr. Shefali Trassi advises you to eat protein-rich food and vitamin-like supplements. Nail Yes.

* Wear glove while cleaning and working at home. Cleaning products, hair colors, and chemicals can protect your nails.

* Take care of your nails and moisturize them.

* Include foods rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids in your diet.

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