Must try Tasty Spinach Meat on New Year

New Delhi: If you are fond of non-veg food and want to serve something special to the guests coming home on New Year's party, then try this tasty recipe of Palak Gosht. This recipe is as easy to make as it is delicious to eat.

Ingredients for making spinach meat-

- Meat - 750 grams
-Spinach - a bunch
-Oil - three spoons
-Two medium-sized finely chopped onions
-Black cardamom - 1
-Cinnamon - one inch
-Cardamom - four to five
-Ginger - 1 inch
-butter - a spoon
-Yogurt - three to four spoons
-One coriander powder - one teaspoon
-Cumin powder - one teaspoon
-Two finely chopped tomatoes
-Salt - as per taste
-Tomato puree - half cup

To make Palak Gosht, first heat the oil in the cooker, and then add black cardamom, cinnamon and green cardamom to it. After this, add chopped onions and cook them till they become light golden. After this, put the paste of garlic, green chili and ginger in the cooker and stir it for a few seconds. After this, add coriander powder and cumin powder and mix it well. Now add chopped tomatoes and salt as per taste.

Keep in mind that tomatoes have to be cooked only till they become mashed. When the tomatoes are completely melted, add chopped meat to it and cook it on high flame for two to three minutes. After this, add tomato puree and spinach and cook with meat for about a minute. After a minute add butter and cook for another minute. Now put curd in it, close the lid of the cooker and take it for three whistles. After this, take out the delicious spinach meat and enjoy yourself with the guests.

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