Recipe: You can cook hotel-like vegetable Manchurian at home, Check recipe here

Jul 08 2019 07:50 PM
Recipe: You can cook hotel-like vegetable Manchurian at home, Check recipe here

In today's world, the demand for Chinese cuisine has begun to grow and everyone from children to adults loves to taste it. These Chinese food are very much attracting everyone and every day people want to eat them. One of the dishes is vegetable Manchurian, which has all the flavours and loves to go to the restaurant and taste it. So today we've brought you a vegetable Manchurian's hotel-style recipe that you can make at home and eat comfortably.

Ingredients for ball

- Cabbage - 02 cups (chopped)
- Peas - 1/2" 4 cups (boiled mashed)
- Carrots - 1/2" 4 cups (grated)
- Green onion – 02 (chopped)
- maida - 02 tbsp
- cornflour - 02 tbsp
- Green chillies - 1 tsp (chopped)
- Garlic - 02 tsp (chopped)
- Oil - to fry
- Salt - to taste

How to make ball manchurian

- First, mix the extracted material for the vegetable bottles and knead well.

- Sprinkle a little water in the mixture if necessary. When the ingredients are well intertwined, make the bobs of the size they want.

- Heat the oil in a pan and fry them till they turn light brown. Then prepare for the preparation of Manchurian Saus.

Ingredients required for sauces

- boiled vegetable juice - 1 cup
- Green chillies - 02 tsp (chopped)
- Garlic - 02 tsp (chopped)
- Ginger - 01 tsp (cut)
- Soy Saus – 01 big cup
- sugar - 01 tsp
- oil - 02 tbsp
- Salt to taste

How to make Manchurian sauce

- Take two tablespoons of oil in a pan to make Manchurian saus and heat it. When the oil is hot add ginger, garlic, green chillies and fry for a little bit.

- Add the vegetable juice, cornflour, sugar, salt and soy saus and cook for a while. If you want to keep gravy in the vegetables, pour the juice or water from the vegetables for a cup and allow it to cook.

- When the mixture is cooked well, pour the vegetable balls and cook it for 5 minutes on a low flame.

- Collect your wedge Manchurian ready. Remove it in a hot plate and test it.

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