Reliance Jio is the most popular company among customers, added this many new users

Oct 19 2019 04:16 PM
Reliance Jio is the most popular company among customers, added this many new users

 Reliance Jio has become a very popular network company among users. It has been a short time for this company to step into the telecom sector. Let us tell you that new customers are joining the company in the coming days and in the matter of adding new customers, Reliance Jio has left behind its competitor companies Airtel, Voda Idea. Other telecom operators are facing huge losses due to new customers joining the company, as their users are slowly moving towards Jio. Let's know the full report

According to the report of government branch TRAI, 84 million new users have been added to Reliance Jio in August and the company subscriber base has now reached 438 million. That is, Jio has grown by 2.49% compared to its competitors. While other telecom operators have suffered a lot in this case.

If we talk about TRAI's report, then Jio's rival company Airtel suffered a lot of losses in the month of August because 5 lakh Airtel users have left Jio and become customers of Jio. After which Airtel's subscriber base has now come to 327 million. Apart from this, 4.9 million customers of Voda Idea have left the company in August. At the same time, 2 lakh users of government telecom company BSNL left the company in August, after which the total subscriber base to BSNL has increased to 11.62 crores.

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