Relief camps opened as water levels rise TN near full,
Relief camps opened as water levels rise TN near full,

CHENNAI: The water levels in many parts of Tamil Nadu and southwest with monsoon are in its full fury, the reservoirs have almost touched the full.

The officials in the state water resources department in a statement on Thursday said the combined water storage level of 90 reservoirs in the state is at 86.74 percent of their total capacity.

10 reservoirs in the state, including Veeranam, Mettur and Gundar have attained their full capacity and water is being released. The heavy rainfall in the catchment areas and heavy inflow from Cauvery have led to these reservoirs getting overflown much before the full fury of the southwest monsoon.

Ten reservoirs in the state are full, and the remaining reservoirs are filled to between 70% and 90% of their maximum capacity. The state's water resources agency said in a statement on Thursday that the state's reservoirs have 194.55 tmcft of water in them out of a total capacity of 224.297 tmcft (1000-million cubic feet).

Tamil Nadu received 138.14 tmcft in June and July instead of the 40.43 tmcft specified in the interstate water deal with Karnataka, a threefold increase. Senior officials claim that Karnataka's massive and prodigious rain is to blame for this.
The water in Tamil Nadu's reservoirs must eventually be released into the sea because they are nearly full, but water resources department officials said that year,  the irrigation and drinking water needs of the state would be properly met this year following this heavy southwest monsoon.

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