Corona cases rate falls by 8% in Delhi

New Delhi: India is witnessing an increase in Corona cases and the most affected states are Maharashtra and Delhi, in the meanwhile, a relief news is coming out. It is being told that corona infection has started coming down in the capital. After about two months, the infection rate has come down to 8 percent. Along with this, the positivity rate has also remained below 10 percent for the last one week. Experts say that if this situation persists for a long time, then infection can be controlled in Delhi. Seeing the decrease in the Corona figures, the positivity is slowly entering.

According to the Delhi Health Department, on Monday, 1573 cases of infection were reported in 21,236 people. Accordingly, the infection rate is now 7.5 percent. This is the first time since April 30, that this rate has come down to 8 percent. In the same test, less than 10 people are getting infected per 100 people. At one time this number had reached 40. According to the test done in the last 20 days, the infection rate has decreased up to three times. On June 23, 23% of the samples tested were positive. At the same time, only 7.5 percent of samples were found positive on July 12 after 20 days. That is, the infection rate has dropped from 23 percent to 7.5 percent in 20 days. It is now more important to keep the same condition gradually.

According to Dr. Samiran Panda, epidemiologist of ICMR, the recovery rate in Delhi is also increasing and the infection rate is continuously decreasing. If this situation persists for more time to come, then the hope of stopping the cycle of epidemic may increase. According to the WHO, a 0.5 percent infection rate is considered normal. In the same capital, 70 per cent of beds in COVID hospitals are empty. This has happened due to decrease in infection rate and increase in recovery rate. By Monday, the number of corona patients admitted to hospitals went to 4315, while more than 15 thousand beds have been reserved for patients. Now the situation is much better.

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