Relief from lockdown in Spain and more than 90 deaths in France
Relief from lockdown in Spain and more than 90 deaths in France

Madrid: For the past several days, the havoc of the corona has been becoming an enemy of innocent people, wherever there is someone suffering from corona infection. The danger of infection is spreading more quickly due to the grip of this virus every day. Due to this virus, today the human aspect is completely on the verge of ruin. According to the official website WORLDOMETER, 313,220 people have lost their lives. Taking special care of this, rules like lock-down were issued in many countries of the world.

Corona outbreak increases in last 24 hours in America, more than 1200 people died

Relief in lockdown in Spain from Monday: Spain's government is going to give relief in lockdown. The government said on Saturday that hotels and some public places will be opened to the public from Monday. However, the rules of social distancing will have to be followed during this period. Under this, more than 10 people will not be allowed to gather at one place.

WHO advised not to spray disinfectant: The World Health Organization (WHO) has advised not to spray disinfectant to eliminate the coronavirus. WHO has said that it will be more loss than profit.

China confessed truth, it destroyed first samples of corona

96 deaths in 24 hours in France: In France, 96 people have died due to coronavirus in the last 24 hours, after which the number of dead has increased to 27,625.

First death from corona in Nepal: 29-year-old woman died. This is the first death in the country due to Corona epidemic. The number of infected in the country has increased to 281.

1757 new cases, 35 deaths in Iran in last 24 hours: 1757 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Iran in the last 24 hours on Saturday and 35 people died. However, this is the lowest death toll after March 7. The health minister gave this information. The total number of infected in the country has gone up to 1,18,392, while 6,937 people have died due to Corona epidemic so far.

Donald Trump's announcement, 'Whether or not Corona vaccine is made, America will open soon'

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