Remembering Anand Bakshi Sahab on his 21st death anniversary
Remembering Anand Bakshi Sahab on his 21st death anniversary

Anand Bakshi (Bakshi Anand Prakash Vaid) was born in Rawalpindi in the Punjab Province of British India  on 21 July 1930 into a Mohyal Brahmin family of the Vaid clan. The family arrived in Delhi, via a Dakota aircraft after the Partition of India and then migrated to Pune, then Meerut and settled again finally in Delhi. 

Anand Bakshi, the famous lyricist of Bollywood, who made the public crazy with his evergreen songs, ruled his heart for almost 4 decades. Film lyricist Anand Bakshi died in 2002 at the age of 72. Today is the death anniversary of Anand Bakshi Saheb.

According to media reports, Anand Bakshi's father was working as a bank manager in Rawalpindi. As a teenager, Anand joined the army as a telephone operator, but his desire to enter Bombay and the cinema world kept him attached to it. When partitioned, the Bakshi family settled in Hindustan as refugees. When nothing happened in Mayanagari, Anand Bakshi rejoined the army and continued working there for some time.

After working for 3 years in the army, he decided that the purpose of his life was not to shoot guns but to write songs. In his film career, Bakshi wrote over 4000 songs. He got the opportunity to write the song for the first time in 1957 but success kept stealing from him. In 1963, actor and director Raj Kapoor gave him a chance to write lyrics for his movie 'Mehendi Lage Mere Hath'. After that success never left Anand Bakshi.

Movies like 'Aradhana', 'Amar Prem' and 'Kati Patang' became the initial milestones of Anand Bakshi's career, with Rajesh Khanna becoming the first superstar of Indian cinema. Anand Bakshi has worked with many generations of filmmakers. His biggest feature was that over time the tone of his songs kept changing.

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