Remembering Dharampal Gulati: MDH Spice Tycoon's Enduring Legacy
Remembering Dharampal Gulati: MDH Spice Tycoon's Enduring Legacy

Today, 3rd December 2023 marks the third anniversary of the passing of Dharampal Gulati, a visionary who propelled Indian products into households worldwide through MDH spices. He departed on December 3, 2020, at the age of 97. The iconic tagline 'Asli Masale Sach Sach, MDH-MDH' resonates in every Indian's memory. Yet, behind the charismatic figure featured in those advertisements lies a trove of lesser-known facets about the revered Dharampal Gulati, whose contributions to business and society remain remarkable.

Despite having only received an education up to Class 5, Gulati's influence extends far beyond academic realms, serving as a beacon of inspiration for contemporary business magnates. More than just a shrewd businessman, he epitomized compassion, generously donating approximately 90 percent of his earnings. Moreover, he established 20 schools and a hospital, exemplifying his commitment to education and healthcare. Remarkably, even at 97, Gulati continued to personally endorse his products, earning him the title of the world's oldest advertising star.

Familiar to many through his television appearances, Gulati's journey began in Sialkot (undivided Pakistan) on March 27, 1923. Following the partition of India in 1947, he arrived in India with a mere sum of Rs 1,500. Initially, he supported his family by operating a horse-drawn carriage ('tanga'). However, through sheer determination and hard work, his family established a spice shop on Ajmal Khan Road in Karol Bagh, Delhi. From this modest beginning, the spice trade burgeoned, expanding into a conglomerate encompassing 18 factories in India and Dubai, producing and exporting spices worldwide.

Dharampal Gulati's legacy transcends his entrepreneurial success; his life stands as a testament to resilience, philanthropy, and an indomitable spirit that continues to inspire generations across the globe.

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