Renault teases hydrogen-powered combustion engine concept Car, Know more

Renault has teased a new hydrogen-powered concept car that it hopes to reveal in May of this year. The concept car is Renault's first attempt at hydrogen automobiles, as part of the company's carbon-reduction plans.

Renault hasn't revealed anything about the concept car thus yet. The concept car, according to the French manufacturer, is "unique," as it "embodies the Group's and the Renault brand's decarbonization trajectory, as well as their progress in terms of circular economy, recycled and recyclable materials."

Renault, like several other carmakers such as Toyota, has indicated its desire to enter the hydrogen-based vehicle market in the near future with the new concept car. Renault intends to reduce ICE models that operate on petrol or diesel as part of its Renaulution plan. "The unique hydrogen-powered vehicle represents the Renault Group and Renault brand's drive towards decarbonisation, as well as their breakthroughs in the circular economy and the use of recycled and recyclable materials," Renault teased the upcoming hydrogen car.

The teaser image shows the hydrogen concept car's front face in shadow, with clear outlines and LED headlights visible. The design, as seen in the teaser image, indicates that the concept car would be similar to Renault's electric Megane. The concept car has a crossover-like structure with small headlamp clusters similar to the Megane.

The Renault concept car's side mirrors appear to be cameras rather than regular glass. It will only be verified three months from now, when the carmaker unveils the car. Apart from hydrogen cars, which appears to be a novel approach from Renault, the French carmaker wants to electrify its entire lineup by 2030, in line with the European Union's ambition to phase out combustion engines by 2035.

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