Research on Psychological Impact of Hug in Infants may lead to autism detection application

Oct 13 2020 07:30 PM
Research on Psychological Impact of Hug in Infants may lead to autism detection application

The babies in the perfect cuddle feel relaxed and happy. The Toho University from Japan measured the calming effect on infants of hugs of different pressures, by parents and strangers. The Infant heart rates are being monitored and the pressure on the adult’s hand by Pressure sensors is measured. Baby’s reaction when just being held, a hug with medium pressure, and what they called a 'tight hug’ are assessed.   

The medium-pressure hug gives soothing effect than just being held, and the calming effect decreased during a tight hug.  The length of the hug is 20 seconds to avoid bad mood created by a minute or more hug. The calming effect was greater for infants more than 125 days by parent than by a female stranger. The scientists strongly believe the perfect hug is considered to be medium pressure from a parent. For a surprise, the study showed mutual benefit by the hug. The researchers strongly believe their work should advance knowledge of parent-child bonding and child psychology and are proud that the psychological impacts of hugging a child has been measured for the first time in the history. It may lead to an application development in early detection of autism. The research revolves around the various sensory inputs received during a hug and this is what alters the heart beat rate.

"Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have difficulties in sensory integration and social recognition," a scientist said. "Therefore, our simple hug experiment might be utilized in the early screening of the autonomic function (that regulates unconscious bodily processes), sensory integration, and development of social recognition in infants with high familial risk for ASD," concluded the scientist.

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