Hair Combing Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making

Aug 14 2019 09:48 AM
Hair Combing Mistakes You Don't Even Know You're Making

Haircare is as important as skin. The problem of hair breakage is being seen in many people and everyone sees the dream of boy or girl, dense and strong hair. Care has to be done so that the hair remains strong. But what's more, your hair is slowly getting dry and weak and you don't understand why. There may be some mistakes you make while combing mistakes. There is also a good way to comb your hair that you can learn about.

* Often we tend to comb from the beginning roots. But this mistake is also due to hair fractures (Reason for Hair Fall). Always resolve by combing the first ends thoroughly. Then comb the roots. This will solve the hair well and not break them.

* If you also use a plastic comb to comb the hair, then change this habit. Plastics produce static energy in your hair that causes damage to them. Always use a wooden comb.

* Never make a mistake of combing wet hair. This weakens the hair and breaks. When the hair is dry, first remove the hair thoroughly with a thick tooth comb.

* Sometimes you comb the hair after applying a hair pack (Pack for Hair Fall) so that it spreads in a uniform manner. But don't do that. Hair gets wet after hair pack keeps roots weak. Always resolve your hair well before applying.

* It happens that when we are in haste, comb the hair fast and with pressure. This causes the stretching of the hair, weakening them and breaking down. Always gently and gently comb with hands and do not create pressure.

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