A riot erupted over the burning of 'Quran Sharif', protesters showered stones on police

Stockholm: A fierce riot has erupted in Sweden. In fact, 300 right-wing activists gathered in Malmo city and burnt the Holy Book of the Muslim 'Quran'. After this, the workers threw stones at the police and set the car tires on fire. The pictures of the demonstration released show the tires being burnt on the road and a great gust of smoke rising above Malmö in the south of the Scandinavian country.

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To reduce the tension, when police arrived on the spot, a crowd of 300 protesters threw stones at them. Earlier in the day, right-wing extremists burned the holy book of Muslims. After the arrest of the leader of the Danish Political Party, a planned meeting was called in the city. After this, the workers set the Quran on fire. The police spokesperson said that all this is out of our control and we are trying our best to overcome it. We are trying to find a relationship between what is happening now and what has happened before today.

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The spokesman said that the demonstration was organized in the area of the city where the Quran was burnt. According to the report of local daily newspaper Aftonbladet, three people arrived here this morning with copies of the Quran. The Quran is considered the holy book of the religion of Islam. Demonstrations were organized at this place itself.

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