Rishab gets angry at Rudra, 18th September, Naagin 6
Rishab gets angry at Rudra, 18th September, Naagin 6

In the current episode, Prarthana touches Pratha's foot with her hand. They both experience some emotion. Prarthana arrives for the interview, but Rudra delays her arrival by conversing with Anmol. At home, Pratha locks all the doors and informs Anmol that nobody is permitted to leave. Jeet is informed by the Minister that an attack is being planned. Dinner is served at Pratha's home for Rudra and his parents. Pratha is informed by Rudra about the girl who resembles her. Pratha discusses naagin and declares her belief in it. Prarthana receives a call from Rudra telling her to speak with Maha saphera. She says she'll do it.

As Prarthana approaches, Maha Saphera warns the other conjurers that she will transform into Shesh Naagin. Prarthana visits the location Vivek suggested. What are the red marks on her body, Tara queries? She claims that every night of a red moon, it occurs to her. Urvashi is approached by Tara, who informs her that Prarthana cannot be prevented from becoming a shesh naagin. Prarthana visits a snake enchanter. They accuse her of being a naagin and demonstrate with the flute. They pursue her as she flees, though. When the professor informs Pratha of the attack on the country, she tells him she has put her powers on hold and ends the call. The professor is uncertain as to whether Anmol is his child and Prarthana is Pratha's.

Pratha approaches the dinner table to suggest that Rudra and Anmol get married. Rudra claims he does not desire marriage. In a fit of rage, Rishab grabs Rudra by the collar. Pratha forces them to depart. In her bedroom, Anmol sobs. Prthana walks into the temple. She questions why the location seems so familiar. The snake charmer orders his staff to throw open the doors so that moonlight can enter. When the light hits her, she is in pain. The charmer is a flute player. She moves to it by dancing. Pratha has the impression that she is being called.

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