Rozgar Mela: PM Hands Out 51,000 Job Offers to Paramilitary Recruits, Said These Things
Rozgar Mela: PM Hands Out 51,000 Job Offers to Paramilitary Recruits, Said These Things

NEW DELHI: On Monday, August 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed over 51,000 appointment letters to newly enrolled individuals in various paramilitary forces. The occasion was the 8th edition of the Job Fair, known as Rozgar Mela, taking place across 45 locations throughout the country.

Addressing the event virtually, PM Modi highlighted the recent reforms in the recruitment process for paramilitary forces, aimed at broadening opportunities for the youth. He emphasized the streamlining of the recruitment process to expedite the hiring timeline. Discussing prospects for young job seekers, he pointed out the rapid growth of sectors like automobile and pharmaceuticals, predicting substantial employment openings in the days ahead.

Confidently, he asserted that India is poised to be among the world's top three economies in the current decade. "When I make this guarantee, I do so with full responsibility," PM Modi affirmed. Stressing the significance of diverse sectors for a flourishing economy, he stated, "From agriculture to pharmaceuticals, from space to startups, the growth of all sectors is imperative for a robust economy."

In a nod to efforts in reforming the banking sector for broader public accessibility, PM Modi recalled the Jan Dhan Yojana, initiated nine years ago on August 28. He credited the scheme for its pivotal role in generating employment opportunities.

PM Modi advised personnel within the paramilitary forces to maintain a spirit of continuous learning during their service. He encouraged the fresh recruits to register on a new portal offering skill development and courses. "The knowledge gained through these courses will aid in your journey towards becoming exceptional officers," PM Modi remarked.

He also urged the new hires to prioritize their physical fitness and uphold good health throughout their service tenure. "The Rozgar Mela represents a significant stride in fulfilling our commitment to prioritize employment generation," stated PM Modi, adding, "As part of this commitment, I will be virtually distributing over 51,000 appointment letters today at 10:30 am via video conferencing."

Operating under the banner of Mission Recruitment, the Government of India and several States/Union Territories have been organizing Rozgar Melas across the nation, distributing job offers to hundreds of thousands of young individuals each month. Reflecting on Jan Dhan Yojana's nine-year anniversary, PM Modi underscored its role not only in providing financial benefits but also in driving job creation.

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