Tobacco product worth Rs 6.83 lakh seized by the task force

Sep 07 2020 11:18 AM
Tobacco product worth Rs 6.83 lakh seized by the task force

The Task Force of Khammam seized tobacco products worth Rs 6.83 lakh in Nelakondapalli district. The incident happened on Sunday. As per G Venkat Rao, who is an ACP of the task force, the police were doing their regular vehicle inspection. It was then they found a suspicious car whose driver looked over conscious to cops. When the cops of Khammam-Kodad road of Nelakondapalli, started inspecting the vehicle viciously they found banned products. There were seven sacks of tobacco products in their car.

K Srinivas, who lives in Nelakondapalli of Rayagudem Mandal bought the products from Bidar in Karnataka to be sold in Khammam. Sk Anwar Pasha, the car driver as well as the owner of the car was arrested and handed over to the cops of Nelakondapalli. The four officers who took part in the raid are  CI Venkat Swamy, SI Prasad, constables Hamid, and Chenna Rao.

The cops also seized dry ganja worth about Rs 12.38 lakh at Bhadrachalam town in Kothagudem district. The incident happened on Sunday. The total weight of the ganja was 82 kg. The place was Ambedkar Center, where SI Mahesh and his team have intercepted a car at Ambedkar Centre. The offenders, who were smuggling ganja were Yogesh Kumar and Hasam Ali. They are said to be from Haryana.

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