Russell's Viper snake gives birth to 35 children in Coimbatore Zoo

Aug 10 2020 09:51 AM
Russell's Viper snake gives birth to 35 children in Coimbatore Zoo

Chennai: Recently the zoo house of Coimbatore has been in the news. Yes, recently Russell's Viper snake has given birth to 35 children here. According to the information found, Russell's Viper is different from other snakes and it can give birth to 60 children simultaneously. The Russell's Viper snake is also called the most poisonous organism. Let us tell you that 'Senthil Nathan, director of the zoo has confirmed the birth of snakes in large numbers.' Regarding this, he said that 'recently this case has been seen in the bird house. His specialty is that one can give birth to 40-60 snakes. All snake babies are healthy but it is not possible to take care of them. Therefore all snakes will be handed over to the forest department.

Apart from this, he also said that 'survival of snake in the forest is difficult due to smugglers'. In this case, Nathan said that a few years ago another snake has also given birth to about 60 children. Earlier in June, Russell's Viper snake was personally resurrected from a house on the outskirts of Coimbatore.

In the past, there used to be a person on the outskirts of Coimbatore. He was surprised when he saw a big snake in his bathroom. At the same time, the person resident of Kovil Medu called a personal team to his house. So the team called the snake a Russell's Viper. During that time during the rescue operation, the snake gave birth to 35 children. After that the snake was released in the evening in the Enikatti forest range. By the way, Russell's Viper is famous in India as 'Coriwala' and experts say that this snake is capable of attacking fast.

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